Alexandra Azúa Hale

As a product of being raised between two cultures and identities, in a society that is quick to cast single defining labels, Alexandra has long been witness to the complex politics of identity and representation. She believes it is now more important than ever to deconstruct these rhethorics, as fear of difference is nurtured in current hostile times. As a result, she approaches the subject of ‘Otherness’ from a multi-disciplinary angle – combining language, politics and design – in an attempt to make cultural theory more accessible. Having recently completed her Masters in Communication Design, Alexandra focused on the discourses of cultural binaries – their construction and reinforcement – that govern daily life, applying cultural and political critique to the field of visuality. Her most recent work entitled ‘Sleeping Beauty: A Colonial Crisis’ juxtaposes current migration images with those of European colonisation, utilising post-colonial literature to demonstrate key parallels between history and modernity. Her current project hones in on the status of second-generation British Latin Americans and their lack of visibility in Britain, a subject that is both largely unexplored and personal.

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