Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith, 28 is the Founder of FlowAid, an initiative and campaign to provide free sanitary products for homeless women. Hayley, also Owner of London based PR company Boxed Out PR, set up the campaign in 2015 in London, and has since expanded the outreach throughout the UK. FlowAid, has partnered with several homeless charities and organisations including Ealing Churches and Acton Homeless Concern. In June 2016, Hayley officially partnered with UK based homeless charity St. Mungo’s. This collaboration will see at least 4 large bags of sanitary products donated to the charity each month. These donations will be provided to up to 11 of the charity’s female only outreach programs, directly providing them to the women who need them. Hayley has also been a leading voice for the removal of the tampon tax, and has spoken out and been featured in Dazed and Confused Magazine, PR Week, leading feminist blog Zusterchap and other blogs. Hayley has also collaborated with the Miss London Semi finalists, in which FlowAid was initially launched. FlowAid is 100% non-profit. The only transactions made are from the generous donations of sanitary products from the public, which Hayley relies solely upon. For full information, please visit: http://flowaidproject.wixsite.com/girlshaveperiod\

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Twitter: @Flow_Aid

Twitter: @OfficialHayleyS

Website: flowaidproject

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