Khemaridh Hy

Khemaridh Hy is the creator of Rad Reads and Quartz’s first Entrepreneur in Residence. Khemaridh grew up in New York City and spent fourteen years as a hedge fund investment analyst. The last eight years were at Blackrock, where he oversaw the NY research team for the firm’s Alternative Advisors unit. He left in 2015 to explore projects focused on community, generosity, and introspection. RadReads is a passion project that emerged out of the desire to answer the question “What does it mean to live a whole life?” It takes an interdisciplinary approach to answering this question, drawing on fields ranging from neuroscience to sports psychology, then sharing stories to empower its community to take action. This unlocks compassion for individuals, then communities, and ultimately the broader planet. Khemaridh also works with individual companies on ways to inject compassion and introspection into their cultures. As Quartz’s EIR, Khemaridh is writing, collaborating on numerous digital projects, and supporting new strategic initiatives

Khemaridh lives in New York with his wife Lisa and daughter Soriya.

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