Leigh Caldwell

Leigh Caldwell

Leigh is a mathematician and cognitive economics who carries out research into how people behave and make decisions, whose work mixes psychology with economics, cognitive science with computer science.

Leigh graduated university at 18, founded a Web software business at 19 in the early days of the commercial Internet, and went on to write The Psychology of Price – a book about how our mind interprets and interacts with the prices of the products around us – and co-found the Irrational Agency, a market research firm that uncovers the unconscious needs and wants of consumers, so companies can design products that make people happier.

The traditional practice of economics is already being challenged by new theories, but only at its edges. Leigh’s research aims to dig up its whole foundation, and build a new economics of consciousness, hope and empathy – a more human economics.
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Find out more about Leigh:

Twitter: LeighBlue 

Company Website: www.theirrationalagency.com

Blog: www.knowingandmaking.com

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