Sangita Mehra

Sangita Mehra gave up her successful business as a fashion designer to dedicate all her time to ‘Spread A Smile – India’. An initiative of Mehrasons Jewellers Charitable Trust, Sangita co-founded the initiative in 2005, along with her older son, Aashray, as a vehicle to help the children living and begging in the streets of New Delhi, India. Lacking any mentorship, these children are propelled into the worlds of thievery, drugs and violence, which Sangita aims to rectify by introducing a much-needed maternal love into their lives.

At Spread a Smile – India, she creates the environment of an extended family to motivate the children find purpose in their lives and give up their vices. A primary objective of Spread a Smile – India is to foster a rudimentary knowledge of academics to allow the children to enroll in mainstream public schools. She also aims to empower the children with their rights against abuse and holds routine workshops to equip them with the means they require for a healthy and secure future. She is in the process of setting up a vocational centre aimed at helping women and children to pursue careers, thereby breaking out of the poverty cycle.

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